Important skills for web developers - 27/12/2020

When starting in programming, we seek guidance on where to begin and the initial steps to create projects and secure our first job. I've crafted a learning path covering essential skills to kickstart your journey.

Important skills for web developers

Since the isolation began some of us have more time than usual, and we want to invest that time in things that will help us improve either, finish that project we have pending for months, complete the tasks of our home, etc.

We live full of chores and distractions in our daily lives, which affect our performance, which is reflected in our activities, when we start a task we do not finish it either because we did not have enough time or simply lost interest in completing it.

That is why in this article I have taken the liberty of writing down 5 tips that can help you complete your postponed tasks.

Wake up early

Many people don’t like the first advice, I know, it’s hard sometimes to wake up early, but believe me it’s worth it, it was from people who used to go to bed late at night, and wake up in the morning and feel that my day was gone. Which was not good for me, during the day it seemed that I was not performing and my usual tasks could not be completed, but I started to wake up a little earlier, I set a time, 5 in the morning, at first it was difficult to get used to, but every day it became easier to get up in the morning, then I set another goal, to wake up at 4 in the morning, now without having my alarm clock I can get out of bed invigorated, it’s just a matter of starting and repeating it over and over again. Your body will adapt.

Create a task list

Write down at least three important tasks that you think you can do during the day, try to write them down a day before, so that you have a little time to think about what you want to do the next day, dedicate your day and set that goal to finish the tasks you set for yourself the day before, so that you can concentrate and finish quickly. Then you can continue with the less important tasks or take a break, your body will thank you.

Use the pomodoro technique The Pomodoro technique has proven to be very efficient, it is a method to improve the administration of the time dedicated to an activity. It is based on using a timer to divide time into fixed intervals, called pomodoros, of 25 minutes of activity, followed by 5 minutes of rest, with longer pauses of 20 or 30 minutes every four pomodoros. Personally I highly recommend it, it is a technique that has helped me to complete my daily tasks.

Use the airplane mode

I know you suddenly depend on it to answer calls from work, family or friends, but seriously, the cell phone distracts us for about 2 to 3 hours a day, we are dependent on it, which often affects us greatly. Every time a notification arrives we unlock our mobile to see who has written or called us, by putting your mobile in airplane mode you avoid all these distractions, try it is not impossible.

Create your workspace

Sometimes it is good to have our space, a space where we can clear our minds, work free of noise and other distractions, of course, we can work from anywhere in our home, but it is better to have our own space to work properly, try to create your environment according to your occupation, also remember to have a bottle of water, it will help you stay hydrated.

In conclusion some of these tips can be improved or modified, I have applied them in my day to day, I will not lie to you it has cost me a lot, but it has been worth it, do not try to implement them all at once, but you can start with one and then add another and so on, until you can implement them all, human beings are easy to adapt to changes, it is only a matter of time and repetition.